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What are Hemp and CBD?

CBD (which is short for cannabidiol) is just one of more than one hundred thirteen compounds found in cannabis and Hemp. It has a physical reaction on the body, acting on the endocannabinoid system, and this can provide many benefits to our pets.

Cannabidiol is more commonly referred to as CBD and is a naturally occurring substance which has been in the headlines recently for several reasons. While this supplement is still being studied and is relatively new, there have been some initial results which have proved promising. That said, misinformation and doubt surrounding the substance are causing much confusion around the matter.

Our Wellness Biscuits and Oils contain a proprietary blend of cannabinoids which are non-psychoactive, deriving from agricultural hemp which is sourced from the seed and stalk. Like any cannabinoid, CBD acts on an animal’s central regulatory system (endocannabinoid system) which affects specific processes in their bodies such as sleep, mood, and digestion. In the absence of external influences, a pet will naturally produce cannabinoids itself, and these bind to receptors in both the peripheral and central nervous systems. If looking at all phytocannabinoids currently under research, clinical studies have shown CBD to show the most promise in terms of therapeutic benefits.

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What are the benefits of using CBD in pets?
A pet’s endocannabinoid system is the central regulatory system which controls and affects certain processes in an animal’s body, including mood, pain, anxiety, sleep, inflammation, and digestion. CBD interacts with this system and also contains six fatty acids, Omega 3 and antioxidants which may produce anti-inflammatory benefits.

Why should I use Austin and Kat for healthy dogs? 
We adore our pets – so helping them and brightening their day is the least we can do for the joy and love we get back from them. When you see how they react to CBD, you’ll recognise the impact it can have.

What are the adverse side effects of using Austin and Kat biscuits?
Our biscuits and oils are completely safe to use, being non-habit forming and non-toxic. Our customers – vets and pet owners – have reported zero adverse effects or negative side effects when using our products.

Can my pet use Austin and Kat if they’re taking other supplements or medication?
The important thing here is to do your research if your pet is taking anything else. This may be by making a call to your vet or doing some independent research. Whatever you do, be as informed as possible because you’re the best advocate for your beloved pet.

Is CBD legal?
Yes – it is, which is an exciting thing to be able to say!

a drawing of a personHow is the recipe formulated and do you work with vets? Anyone who reads the news knows the studies in this area are currently limited, but it’s actually one of the most exciting areas of scientific research. “The proof is in the pudding” is something we believe in. You’re the person who knows your pet best, so you’ll see the unique effects of cannabinoids first hand. Dr. Mike was on hand to help when creating the formulations, ensuring we were building the right nutritional profile and dosage for pets.

Austin and Kat & your pets...
Your pet’s body produces endocannabinoids, and these are incredibly similar to those cannabinoids found in CBD. Therefore, receptors around an animal’s body respond to the endocannabinoids in our biscuits and oil when they enter their systems, helping to regulate natural metabolism which relates to all other bodily functions. In these states, bodies often need assistance with the regulation process from external sources which is something hemp provides in a non-toxic way for both humans and animals.

a drawing of a faceWill my pet get high from eating Austin and Kat biscuits or oils?
No! Our oils and biscuits only contain naturally-occurring CBD from hemp. This is a phytocannabinoid which is non-psychotoxic, meaning there’s no feelings of euphoria involved and is entirely safe to use.

What is the entourage effect?
The entourage effect is actually the ‘whole plant effect’, meaning that bioactive compounds in CBD work in synergy to optimise health and wellness.



We guarantee our CBD is free from solvents, contaminants, heavy metals, and pesticides, and unlike many of our competitors who may use inexpensive CBD sourced in China, our CBD oil comes from certified sources in Europe. To ensure its high-quality and stability, the oil is extracted using a CO2 process which is free from chemicals, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. This method is a cold one, with extractions being carried out at temperatures which are as close as possible to the natural material, reducing the plant and extracted oil’s degradation process.


How do I know how much CBD is in one dropper or biscuit?

It is very important to know this, so our batches are lab-tested to ensure each one is consistent. Blending the CBD into our recipe is an art, and we want to make sure each bottle of CBD oil or bag of biscuits you purchase today has the same ratios as the next one you buy. Therefore, during our testing processes, we use independent labs to test for cannabinoids (the non-toxic, non-psychoactive compounds we’re working with) and do this before and after to know how much is present in our products. Additionally, we also ask for independent tests of the CBD to be completed, ensuring we’re using high-quality hemp of pharmaceutical grade.

We are happy to share our test results, and help you understand them at any time.

Have you heard about decarboxylation? – it’s really important!
The definition (scientific) of decarboxylation states that it’s a chemical reaction which removes a carboxyl group and releases CO2 (carbon dioxide). This process converts CBD’s inactive components (which aren’t psychoactive) into active ones, unlocking the healing benefits found in naturally-found cannabidiol.