About Us

Hi.  I’m Kat, and I’m an athlete, mother, entrepreneur, and dog-lover, and I wholeheartedly believe in the healing powers of CBD.  

a dog that is standing in the grass
Curative, restorative, and soothing, CBD (that’s cannabidiol, for long) has been found to exhibit dramatic benefits for all by binding to the receptors of the endocannabinoid system - helping to maintain a consistent and healthy baseline of wellness.  What’s not to like about that?

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I spend long days hiking all over the Pacific Northwest with my beloved dog Austin, managing a small business, competing in athletic endeavors, and maintaining some semblance of a family life; it’s no easy feat!  I know CBD can make each day just a little bit better, so once I had discovered the research on this wonder plant, I wasted no time getting to work. I was simply after a little something that was effective, palatable, and healthy.

I ultimately wanted to create treats I could share with my closest of companions - so I stopped at nothing to create an exemplary line of CBD products.  All treats are small-batch baked or blended by hand, using only the very best, locally sourced ingredients They’re also made with 100% pure love. What don’t they have?  Gluten, dairy, preservatives, soy, or additives.

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I reside in beautiful Seattle, WA where I like to hike meandering and mountainous trails, manage the brilliant team here at Austin and Kat™, and visit my very own bakery (almost) every day.  And Austin, my ever-faithful companion, remains at my side throughout all my adventures.

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To this day Austin and Kat™ continues to expand beyond my wildest imagination as people begin to discover CBD as a natural option for happier, calmer, and healthier lives.