About Us

Hi there. I’m Kat. Once upon a time, I had a pup named Brady, and here is where the Austin and Kat ™ story begins (just bear with me for now, we’ll get to the Austin bit in a moment).  In 2014, my best friend was getting older, slower, and growing more immobile with every passing day. Age was setting in at 14 years old, but I just felt certain that there was something out there that could help him along.  I missed my spirited companion.
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In my research, I kept coming across a common factor linking significant benefits without any side effects: a naturally occurring component of hemp called cannabidiol (CBD).  Everything pointed to CBD being helpful for both dogs and cats, especially aging ones.

Making Version 1, 2 & 3

My mission became making a dog biscuit that would be good enough for Brady to enjoy, help aid his ailments, and maybe share with his furry pals at the dog park – helping other dogs and their owners in the process.

No easy feat in a small kitchen all by myself.  But even though my very first attempt probably wasn’t spot on in terms of flavor or texture, Brady quite liked it anyway – and promptly ate the prototype.  Imagine my surprise to see him walking about like he used to, not more than an hour later. And it happened again, the next day. Perhaps I was on to something.

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Batch after batch, I continued to tweak and fine-tune the recipe.  I discovered my favorite local suppliers, trusting them with delivering the best ingredients.  As I baked more, I began to share them with my friends. And I can’t even begin to tell you how much I learned about CBD in the process.

I knew that my experimentation finally paid off when I noticed I couldn’t walk down the street in my town without someone stopping me and asking me how they could get some for their dog at home.

Brady & Austin

As the weeks passed Brady seemed to enjoy life just a bit more – though he moved more slowly, he was a lot more active and I was happy to see a flash of puppy in him every now and again.

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Enter: Austin.  Austin entered my life full-tilt as an energetic, enlivening (and subsequently exhausting) puppy.  Once I began doling out the biscuits to him too, I noticed that he became calmer and less stressed.  He was able to happily relax into our evenings together after our long (very long) hikes in the morning.  He remains to this day so very different from Brady in both needs and temperament, it really astounds me. Though I couldn’t stop time, and it was devastating once Brady passed, I took great comfort in knowing I created something that really made a difference to him.  And that it was beginning to make a difference in other dog’s lives, too.

and so we became austin & kat

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Word of my biscuits continued to spread. Positive feedback led to proper encouragement and it was time to have a go at starting a company.  Austin, ever at my side through this leap of faith , was recruited as CPT (Chief Product Taster) so it was only fitting to put his name on the products.

To this day the company continues to expand beyond my wildest imagination.  As people begin discover CBD as natural option for happier, healthier and calmer pets, we remain one of the leaders in the pet wellness category.  In the spring of 2017, we expanded our offerings to include CBD hemp oil for pets (cats included) – so all our pets at home have this option


What we believe

Our products are, simply put, the very best CBD wellness pet products available.  Ingredients are fresh, natural, wholesome, and local when possible. We strive for consistency you can trust, and a little deliciousness doesn’t hurt, either.  Austin and Kat ™ CBD products are preservative-free, gluten-free, and made with human-grade ingredients.

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Why us?

The CBD space is growing at the speed of light, and we know we aren’t the only ones creating pet wellness products using this amazing ingredient.  But we hope you’ll choose Austin and Kat ™ as a safe and natural alternative. We’ve created a perfect balance of safety, convenience, quality and tastiness – and ultimately, a finished product that actually speaks for itself.

And finally, we strive for consistency, accurate dosing, independent lab testing and we have nothing to hide. We stand behind our products and you can ask to see our lab results anytime.